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The NLCDC Program for Three Year Olds is the Cubs.The Cubs - 3 Year-olds. We have 2 class options for the Cubs.  Some children come Monday, Wednesday and Friday, others come Tuesday and Thursday, and still others come all 5 days!  We often have around 25 children enrolled; all coming on different days, so that there are never more than 16 kids in the room on any given day.  Mrs. Kayes, Mrs. Spaeth, and Mrs. G help these children work on letter and number recognition, colors, shapes, and how to recognize their written names.  But more importantly, they learn how to socialize and adjust to the time away from mom and dad!

The Busy Bees is a program for four-year-olds at NLCDC.
The Kittens is one program for four year-olds at NLCDC.There are two separate classrooms for the 4 year olds, the Kittens and the Busy Bees.  Mrs. Klem is the Kittens teacher and her children come Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  There are 10 children in her classroom.  Mrs. King and Mrs. Marsteller are the Busy Bee teachers, and they have 17 children in their room.  Bees meet every day of the week except Wednesdays.  Our 4 year old children focus on alphabet work and writing their names and letters.  Numbers, shapes, and listening skills are also worked on.  These children often graduate out of the Kittens and Busy Bees and go straight to Kindergarten at Parkland where they are well prepared for the school’s expectations.  However, if their birthdays happen to fall after October 1st and they miss the cut off date for Parkland, they can graduate into our 5 year old program instead, which is the Kangaroos.

Mrs. Bauernschmidt is the Kangaroo teacher, and she has 9 children in her classroom.  This program is developed to accommodate the child of kindergarten age who needs developmental growth in any area, or the child who just missed the cut-off in the public schools.
  These children come every day of the week, except Wednesday.  Mrs. B prepares children for school with letter and sound connections, number recognition, writing skills, project completion, and the big skill of learning to sit still for more than 10 minutes... which is very important in Kindergarten!

  Once children enter the Parkland School District they have the option of coming back to Nativity after their school day.  16 Kindergarteners come back at noon every day and eat lunch with us in the Nursery.  NLCDC Also Offers Programs for Kindergarten Children.Mrs. Culp and Mrs. Marsteller work with these children on science and social studies themes throughout the year.  These subjects are often abandoned in public kindergarten, due to the time restraints of a half day schedule.

School Age:  These children don’t get off the bus at Nativity until between 3:30 and 4:00 every day.  They usually have snack right away, and those who have homework often try to gNLCDC provides a number of services for school-age it done at this time.  Our School Age classroom is located in the Old Sanctuary.  Mrs. Gombocz, Miss Karly, Mrs. R, and Miss L, often engage the kids in dramatic play, homework, construction fun with blocks and building materials, playing outside, and fun gross motor play via the Nintendo Wii system.  These children as well as the Kindergarten children have access to 3 laptops which were purchased through a grant from the STARS program.  There are many educational games loaded on them to keep everyone busy until closing time!